Kilkenny Body Spa Treatments

Germaine de Capuccini 

Harmonising Renewal Treatment (45 Min)   €55

Experience the aromas of the Mediterranean with this Baobab ritual contained in an oil, salt and body emulsion. Using the organic oil of the Baobab seeds, this treatment harnesses the energy of the Baobab trees, one of the most ancient and emblematic trees of the African Savannah with a plethora of anti-oxidant properties. Your treatment begins with a nourishing body scrub followed by a relaxing massage with Phytocare Oil. Energise mind, body and spirit and reveal stunning luminosity on the skin. 


Crystal Body Elixir (70 Min)   €85

A stunning body therapy using extracts of precious stones and minerals to energise, firm and balance the skin through our Crystal Body Harmony treatment containing an all over body exfoliation through an exquisite massage as crystals are chakra points on your body.