Meet the Team


With over 15 years’ experience, Louise manages to balance a busy career with being mum to daughter, Sophie, and their dog, Ruby. She loves working with people, and constantly being challenged with training and upskilling in advance skincare. Louise says, ‘The support I felt when I first joined the Mint team was fantastic. I was nervous and apprehensive but I didn’t have to be. I’ve made friends for life. It’s a very efficient and professional environment to work in.’

Staff Superpower: Louise manages to welcome every person that walks through the door like she knows them forever! She makes us all laugh and smile every day but manages to balance it with the highest level of professionalism.



A recent graduate of Kilkenny School of Beauty, Hayley is a great addition to the Mint team.  ‘I love how well our team get on, it’s such an easy environment to work in’, Hayley says. ‘I love to tease Sheila – she’s very easy to wind up!’

Outside of work, Hayley is passionate about sports. She plays Gaelic Football and Camogie, and has volunteered in Calcutta, India and Ecuador, South America

Staff Superpower: Hayley would do anything for her clients or her team. She is also our secret weapon for Social Media.



Sheila is our dedicated Laser therapist. She has worked in the beauty industry for 12 years, in both Ireland and Australia.

Sheila has been with Mint for over 5 years now, expertly performing laser hair removal and other treatments with our Candela Gentlemax Pro laser.  

Sheila says, ‘I love working with the Mint Team. I love the challenge of helping our clients with serious skin issues and making them happy. We all understand each other so well - the good moods and the bad moods, ha! - but we get through it together. And we like our chocolate fixes a lot!

Staff Superpower: Sheila is the ultimate professional, we learn from her every day. Her manner and passion for her job creates a real trust in both her clients and her team.


A native of Poland, Gosia moved to Ireland over 14 years ago. After working in various jobs while raising her children, Gosia decided to study Beauty Therapy once they started school. She enjoys her role in Mint performing facials, peels, Rejuvapen and meeting clients, saying that the team are very close and miss each other after a day off.  

Staff Superpower: Gosia’s passion for Skincare & personal development is infectious and she is a pure perfectionist. She motivates us all to be better.



A full-time mummy outside of work, Ana is a therapist with over 9 years’ experience. At Mint, Ana says that every day is so different, there’s always something new to learn - ‘I love the training involved in my job. I get great satisfaction teaching clients about how to look after their skin because I am passionate about skincare’.

Staff Superpower: Even if you’ve never met Ana before you would want to pour your heart out to her. Ana is so genuinely warm and loving.



Mint Supervisor, Vicky, is a total animal lover known as ‘Dr. Doolittle’ as a child. She is obsessed with her dog, Hendrix, a keeshond pup. With over 10 years’ experience, Vicky says that therapists can be underestimated by people who don’t know the industry. “This job can be very technical and we use a lot of science but I don’t think the extent of what we know is widely known. I love advanced skincare treatments and the amazing results and the change that can be achieved in my clients’ skin. The best thing is seeing how happy and confident they feel with their skin results.”

Staff Superpower: Vicky ties the team together like glue. She makes an amazing team feel like family. She is the perfect role model for her team.