Bio-Penta Ultimate Facial - Julie's Diary


Hi guys!!

It’s been forever since I’ve been to my favourite medispa in Kilkenny!!!

It was so good to be back and catch up with the Mint girls after what has been a hectic few months and first year in business for myself and my partner Sean’s new venture, High Horse Events.

From weddings to events and parties and looking after all of our amazing customers and working like CRAZY, it was so nice to finally stop and take a little down time.

When Lucie asked me to try out Mint’s new Bio-Penta Ultimate Facial, I was beyond excited and intrigued to see what was involved as it sounded like it has so many benefits!!! 😁🙌

Vicky was my therapist for the day and you could tell how much she loves her job 💖 When she spoke about the Bio-Penta machine and its benefits, she was so excited and passionate about it and what it would do for my skin. The machine works in so many different ways and its different functions can be used separately to enhance any facial, or used all together for the ultimate facial!!

Mint are super proud to specialise in Dermalogica skincare (one of my favourite brands that I’ve used since being a teenager. It’s the one brand that I felt really always worked for me). Mint use professional Dermalogica products with the Bio-Penta machine to maximise its full potential because there are so many ways that Dermalogica can be used in creating bespoke skincare, depending on each individual’s skin needs (sounds totes amazeballs to me!!)

When used together, the steps include:

Microsonic Facial Cleansing: Using a silicone cleansing head and microsonic vibrations, it has been proven to cleanse the skin 6-10 times better than hands alone.

Hydrodermabrasion: “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”....Well in this case they definitely are! Diamond encrusted exfoliating tips vary from gentle to strong, so your therapist can choose the best option for you to get the most from your treatment after your skin analysis. The tips are passed over the entire face, neck and décolletage up to 4 times. A vacuum is used in conjunction with it to stimulate the skin and remove any dead skin debris. The best thing about this treatment is in the name…“HYDRO” meaning hydrating. So, rather than your standard “microdermabrasion” which you may have heard of before, “Hydrodermabrasion” is a step up in regards to innovative skin technology and uses hydrofluid which allows the machine to pass more easily and less abrasively over the skin. It has all the benefits of microdermabrasion but it’s literally the perfect option for sensitive skin types too, like my own. My skin was soooooo smooth after it!

After this, Vicky used the BT Micro multi tool. This nifty little gem can be used for a number of things. It is AMAZING for extractions.... like seriously, nothing I’ve ever seen before! Even though I have dry sensitive skin, I always tend to have a lot of congestion in the pores around my nose and chin area. Let’s face it, extractions are never nice to have done and can be so sore. This little machine made it so much more bearable and got loads of gunk out! Haha I know, I know.... so gross I’m sorry!! But I was so impressed by it!!

After this it was on to LED...

LED Light Rejuvenation: After you’ve gotten rid of all those dry, dead skin cells, is now time for the LED treatment. It’s the talk of the town in Hollywood at the moment, so if it’s good for the A-listers then it’s good for us too! There are three light options with different functions...

Red:  This works wonders for anti aging! It concentrates on minimising pore size, smoothing and toning and skin brightening.

Blue: The Acne eradicator...If you’re prone to breakouts and blemishes, then blue is for you!

Purple: This is a mixture of both colours and combines both their benefits of anti-aging, rejuvenation, reducing skin blemishes and brightening the skin.

Vicki brushed a hydrating Dermalogica mask on my skin chose the red LED for me (you are given protective eye goggles during this...I looked fab!! Haha). While it worked its magic for 15mins, I had the most relaxing head massage to pass the time and almost fell asleep.

The last step in this facial then is the “Ultrasound” tool.

Basically what this is is a tool that passes over the skin and causes little ultrasound vibrations. Vicki explained it in an easy way in that it causes the skin to vibrate which in turn causes little pockets in the skin cells to open and close which allows the product (like serums/moisturisers) to penetrate deeper than it would than in a normal facial (how amazing is technology by the way!?!)

We finished the treatment with the new Dermalogica Prisma Protect SPF30 moisturiser and off I went on my smooth and luminous skin way.... lol!

In all seriousness though... while I’m writing this, it’s three days after my treatment and my skin is honestly still in amazing condition. It’s like it’s been resurfaced and without any downtime or major abrasiveness. My makeup is even looking better.... so I’m sold on it! 😍

It was just what I needed after neglecting my skin for too long... I absolutely love it!!

I hope you found my little review helpful...

Julie 😘