Eyebrows, Nails and Laser Hair Removal - Julie's Diary - Week 28

Hey all πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹

Its week 28 as #faceofmint and I’m back in Mint Kilkenny for some more fab treatments!!!! πŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ

Lucky is an understatement at this stage!! πŸ€πŸ€

Anyhooooo..... We kicked off the day by starting with the basics.

Eyebrows!!!!  😁😁
Now we all know that nowadays, there’s nothing basic about brows, but it has become part of most of our everyday routines to keep them looking #onfleekyaaasss guuuuurrrl!! 😚😚

So what better way to get those "on fleek" brows than with the #browgenius that is Marie, Mints head therapist πŸ’š
Since starting to get my brow treatments with Marie, I’ve never been happier with the results I leave with every time... absolute perfection πŸ‘Œ

Marie starts out your brow consultation with a few questions to see what is your desired shape or colour. She then mixes and applies the brow tint which is left on for approx 10mins, depending on the shade you want.
Once that’s done, it’s onto the shaping. This can be done through waxing, tweezing or threading. Personally, I prefer the threading technique as I feel it’s less pull on the skin as it removes the hairs at follicle level and it removes multiple hairs at one time.

It gives your therapist great precision too which results in the perfect brow shape.

For any brow or lash tints, a 24hr patch test is required so feel free to call into the girls in Mint at any time and they will be happy to give you one and then all you have to do is book in for your perfect brows...... #browenvy πŸ‘€πŸ‘…

Next it was onto nails!! πŸ’…πŸ’…
I just love having my nails done every couple of weeks. It’s just such a treat and when your nails look well, you always look groomed and feel good 😊

Mint are stockists of OPI, Shellac and Gelish and they have endless colours to choose from making for some tough decisions because it’s so hard to just choose one lol πŸ˜‚ πŸ™†

Marie was looking after me for my nails and as usual, she started with nail prep by soaking and removing my old colour and buffing, trimming and filling to the shape I wanted. She also pushed back and tidied my cuticlesπŸ‘

Next it was onto the fun part.... the new colour!! πŸ’™πŸ’šπŸ’›πŸ’œβ€

After debating for a while (I can’t make a decision to save my life πŸ˜²πŸ™ˆ) I decided on a fiery red from the Shellac range called β€œwildfire” πŸ”₯  You just can’t beat a classic red. It will never go out of style.

I was absolutely delighted with how they turned out, Marie literally nailed it ❀ (get it lol.... β€œnailed it”.... apologies for the awful jokes lol πŸ˜‚πŸ™ˆ)

For my next treatment, I had my appointment for laser hair removal with Sheila πŸ’šπŸ’š
Sheila specialises in the use of Mints state of the art Candela Max Pro Machine, which is used for the most efficient laser hair removal, but also it targets pigmentation, thread veins and fungal nail issues βœ”βœ”βœ”βœ”

Sheila also specialises in microneedling, rejuvapen and face peels πŸ‘

For todays appointment I was due to have laser hair removal on my underarms.
I’m currently doing an ongoing course in this and although I’m not expecting miracles as my skin and hair is quiet fair ☺
Being a β€œred head” wouldn’t always be considered as the best candidate for it.

BUT.... I can honestly say that I am seeing results in the fact that there is definitely less regrowth and it is taking longer to grow back after each treatment which has reduced my need to shave as often so that is definitely a benefit!! 🌟

To start out, Sheila allowed me time to get settled and then cleansed, sterilized marked out the treatment area.  Both underarms usually take approximately 5 mins altogether to treat, so it’s over before you know it 😊

I usually chat away during it... you can never stop me talking lol πŸ™Š

The concentrated little laser pulses give off a tingling sensation and are followed each time by a cool puff of air on the skin which is a really great added benefit to the treatment making it completely manageable πŸ‘

The candela Gentle max pro is the gold standard in laser hair removal so it is well worth booking in for a consultation if might be something you are interested in trying.... especially if you are fed up of bumps, nicks and ingrown hairs causes be waxing or shaving.

Sheila will be able to judge by a consultation if it may be suitable for you.

It’s suitable for both men and women, so if you have any queries on it at all, just give the girls in Mint Kilkenny a call and they will be more than happy to help with any information you need πŸ’š

That’s all for this week guys and gals.....

Hope you enjoyed my little diary and found it helpful 😁

See you all next time,

Bye for now πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹

Julie ❀❀❀