Germaine de Capuccini Time Expert Rides Advanced Facial & Laser Hair Removal - Week 21 - Julie's Diary

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Hey all!! πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹

It's week 21 and I'm back at Mint Kilkenny for some serious pampering in the form of the amazing Germaine de Capuccini Timexpert Rides facial.... Yaaaaaaaaaaassss!!!! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

I was super excited for this as it is Mints most popular facial and I was looking forward to seeing what all the fuss was about 😁😁

They key feature in this facial are that it is praised for "Strengthening the skins architecture"

Hmmmm..... Ok, sounds great so far!! πŸ‘

Germaine are known for their innovation in anti-ageing treatments and this one doesn't disappoint. It contains an exclusive blend of peptides with a specific anti-wrinkle effect that regenerates, fills in and inhibits facial expression lines and wrinkles.

Wowzers!! All of this amazingness, wrapped up in a super relaxing facial πŸ’†πŸ’« 

To start of my facial, I got myself nice and cosy on my heated treatment bed and the lovely Maighread explained what she was going to do. Then I just switched off and.... Relaaaaaaxed!! 😊😊

Maighread started off with a double cleanse and then onto a facial exfoliation. I really loved this part as you could really feel that it was getting rid of the rough/dead skin cells. It was a lovely granulated scrub that smelled of peppermint and left my skin feeling really clean and fresh. ... Even "Minty" if you will lol! 🌿 

After my skin prep was done, it was onto the peptide gel which was spread over my face, neck and chest.
This is the stuff that contains all of those super powerful anti-aging ingredients πŸ‘Œ
Once this was on my skin, Maighread then began to massage it in using Germaines facial machine.

To give you an idea as to what this is like, your therapist uses the hand held machine that has a small, rounded metal disc on the end which produces heat. When this is moved across the skin, it creates the most warming, relaxing sensation!! 😊 And of course the heat helps all of those amazing ingredients penetrate deeper into the skin....
Win win βœ…βœ…

After this, it was on to the hydrating mask and my gosh was it hydrating!! It was left to sit and soak into the skin for a good 10-15mins and you could literally feel how luxurious it was. It was PACKED with moisture!! πŸ’¦πŸ’¦
While the mask worked its magic, Maighread treated me to a lovely little head massage... I literally nearly fell asleep πŸ’€πŸ’€

When I was all done, my skin felt amazing and it actually looked like it was more plumped and hydrated.
I have to say... It was really really great and I can see now why it is Mints most popular facial and it's one I will definitely be trying again πŸ‘Œ

While I was up in Mint, I also had my Laser treatment for my underarms with Sheila. I'm getting on really great with the laser.... Even though my hair is quite fair, I am noticing a difference in the amount of regrowth and I am having to shave much much less often than before so we will see how things go with the rest of my course and I will keep you guys posted on the results.

Mint use the Candela Gentle Max Pro which is the most state of the art machine in laser hair removal. It also can be used to treat Pigmentation, thread veins, redness and fungal nail issues.

I find the laser hair removal treatment itself is easy peasy.
Sheila is super professional and will always put you at ease.
The treatment area is sanitized first and marked out. Then the laser is used on the area, which does give a warm tingly sensation, but each pulse is followed by a little puff of cold air to cool the area and it's all over before you know it 😊

If you are curious about laser hair removal, or any of the other options, you can have a consultation with Sheila where she may carry out a patch test on the area and she will be able to determine if the treatment will be suitable for you and you will know what kind of results you might expect.
Something well worth doing for yourself! πŸ‘

Ok guys, that's all for this week 😊
Hope you enjoyed the blog and you got some insight into some of the lovely treatments available at Mint.

I'll see you all next week!!
Bye for now πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹
Julie πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—