Face of Mint - Julie's Diary - Week 2

Hey everyone!!! πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹
And so we're on to week 2... I'm having a great time altogether! 😊

On arriving in Mint on Friday I was given a warm welcome by the Mint girls.
I was a few minutes early so I checked out some of the "Neom Organics Range" that they have in the salon. The range is full of candles, essential oils, creams, mists and more that come in different, beautiful scents that aim to help with your well being by using the "science of scent therapy"
There are four main scents to choose from...
Happiness, De-stress, Sleep and Energy.
Each of these can help to uplift your mood whether it be through the need for relaxation, a little de-stress or down time, or a bit of invigoration or energizing!
I think my favourite is the Happiness candle.... It actually smells happy haha
πŸ˜„ and I think everyone deserves a little happiness in their lives πŸ’— I also liked the Energize candle. That had a nice zingy fresh scent. Everyone is different and depending on how you're feeling on the day, you might choose a different scent.
If you are passing Mint, definitely pop in and see which one suits you. They make lovely Christmas pressies too

When I was done sniffing all the lovely scents that Neom had to offer, the gorgeous Iza lead me downstairs to my cosy treatment room where I got settled in for my Dermalogica Prescriptive Facial with added on extractions. After checking my previous notes and carefully looking at my skin, Iza planned and explained which Dermalogica products she would use that would work best for my skin type. As everyone's skin is different, the best thing about this facial is that it's specifically "prescribed" to you! πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘Œ
For example, I'm prone to excess oil, blocked pores and congestion around my nose but at the same time, I can be a little dry/dehydrated in other areas. So a different exfoliant was used in each area. During the facial, Iza took great care to soften my skin, especially around my nose as it makes it easier to remove the blocked pores/blackheads.
Okay... So the extractions aren't the nicest part of the facial, but hey.... It's so worth it!! In all honesty, it was absolutely fine and Iza was so good. She removed about 70% of my congestion. Of course there were a few stubborn ones, but that's normal as some of my pores were quite tight so they will need a little extra exfoliation which I can do in my homecare routine and then we can tackle them in my follow up facial.
After extractions, Iza followed on with the most amazing facial massage which litteraly almost put me to sleep
πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€ such a nice treat!
She then finished with a really nourishing face mask to put back some of the hydration and moisture in the skin after the extractions.
When we were done, Iza recommended I use the Clearing Mattifier from the Dermalogica mediBac clearing range for my nose area to help reduce excess oil and help to minimize pores size around my nose. This also works great as a primer under make-up for those oily areas too... Bonus!
I'm really delighted with the results of this facial as I'm a little self conscious about my pores but even after one Dermalogica Prescriptive facial, I actually couldn't believe the difference! My skin is so much clearer. It's such a brilliant treatment and I learned loads about my skin from it 😊

After this I had my eyelashes tinted in blue/black tint which is lovely glossy and dark.
Being a redhead, my lashes and brows can be quite fair so I always like to have my lashes and brows tinted. It's especially handy for my "no makeup days" or if you were going to the gym or for a swim and don't want to wear makeup or mascara. It makes such a difference!

After finishing with Iza, I popped upstairs to Marie. Marie is so nice!!!! πŸ’— ...and as far as I'm concerned, she's a brow genius!
She began with an eyebrow tint in a nice medium brown colour, it wasn't too dark for me and it was the perfect shade to define my brows and a nice shade to suit my skin and hair colour. She then marked out a shape that suited my natural brows and used the threading technique to tidy and shape them. I love threading and in my opinion I feel it's less pull on the skin than waxing. Marie explained little tips on keeping my brows looking good at home and then showed me the finished product in the mirror. I LOVED THEM!
πŸ’— such a fab shape and they looked nice and full, considering my brows can be quite sparce in places. Brows are so on trend right now... And rightly so! They really do frame your face and help bring out other features and really do make such a difference. I'm so so happy with them... Yaaaay! 😁

Thats it for this week,
Once again, thank you to everyone for following me on my #mintjourney
If any of you gals or guys are interested in finding out more about any of the treatments give the girls in Mint a call or even check out the Mint website.