Face of Mint - Julie's Diary - Week 1

Julie's Diary

Hi there! 

What a whirlwind it's been since being named face of Mint! From the official announcement in the gorgeous Mint by Pembroke salon to an interview with the lovely Trish from beat 102-103, to chat about it all and what's in store in the future. Since then it's been busy busy busy and so exciting planning all the amazing treatments and pampering I have ahead of me! I mean... Wow! To say I'm so overwhelmed and grateful is an understatement!

My Mint journey started with me chatting with the lovely Sarah who is manager at Mint, and the nicest, easiest person to talk to. We ran through what was involved and all the extensive treatments that were available to me and we also complete a patch test for laser hair removal, waxing and tinting... It was all very exciting! What an amazing opportunity!

I could tell from first meeting Sarah and all the lovely girls in the salon that we would all get on so well and even form a great friendship during my time as the Face of Mint.

You get a great vibe as you walk into Mint. It's bright, warm and welcoming and the girls are so helpful in giving you the right information and helping you plan your very own "mint journey" that helps you to reach your own individual goals. Whether it be through skincare, peels, micro needling and facials, anti-ageing, body treatments and massage, laser hair removal and so much more... The list is endless!

It was really exciting learning about all the amazing treatments that Mint offer. Some of which I didn't even know were on my doorstep! I spoke with all the girls and we made a plan for my very own Mint Journey.
I was sent home with an amazing goodie bag to start my skin prep from the Dermalogica range. As my skin can be sometimes sensitive and a little dry, they recommended the ultracalming cleanser which I use day and night along with the intensive moisture balance moisturizer (amaaaaazing and so hydrating!)
And of course, the Dermalogica pure light SPF 50 sun protection... very important! They also gave me the Foamer 15 exfoliating cleansing foam from the Dermaceutic range which I use every 3 days to prepare for my skin peel which I'll be getting done very soon. It's important to do this little prep before your peel to get the best results.

On my first appointment As face of mint, I was greeted by the lovely Sheila who knows everything there is to know about laser hair removal. I was due to get laser on my underarms. As I was unaware of what was involved or how it would feel, Sheila was so nice and made me feel so at ease. During the laser treatment, it felt like a warm tingling sensation and there was a puff of cold air on the skin after each one so that felt nice and cooling. It was over before I knew it!

Being totally honest, it was a breeze and totally worth doing. My next laser appointment is in 6 weeks time.

My next appointment was with the lovely Laura with whom I got a lovely nail shape and Gelish polish in a gorgeous deep plum colour... Perfect for Autumn! Love it!

Laura who is also a Dermalogica expert then brought me downstairs to the coziest room and lovely warm bed. She assessed my skin carefully and begin my Dermalogica Ion Active Anti-aging Facial with Retinol to help with my fine lines. At first, she started with a cleanse and then went on to put a refreshing cream on my face with active ingredients in it and used a facial machine to massage the cream into my skin.
From what I can recall, the little machine resembled an iPhone and was moved around my face and gave off a little vibration as it worked in the very important active cream. It was actually a very soothing and relaxing feeling.
After this Laura put on a nice cooling mask and massaged this in with almost icy cold stones. This was something I'd never had done before and it was amazing! It was so cooling, soothing and refreshing and helps to desensitize the skin.
My skin felt amazing after this, so lovely and soft, fresh and glowing. I can't wait for my next one and to see the continued results.

As I'm writing this, I've already booked in to Mint to try out more fab treatments and can't wait to share my Mint Journey with you in my Mint diary.

I hope that my little reviews as just a regular girl will give a more personal insight into many of the treatments available.

There's sooooo much more to come!

Thank you for coming on my Mint Journey with me.... Who knows, you may even start your own.

Bye for now