Face of Mint - Julie's Diary - Week 3

Julie’s diary
Week 3

Hey everyone!!
Its week 3 and i’ve been back in Mint Kilkenny to get my first set of Nouveau Lashes applied.
Semi-permanent lashes are something i’ve been really wanting to try for a long time and i’m so happy that i’m finally getting around to doing it. Now, my natural lashes aren't really sparse or anything, but even though I have them tinted regularly to keep them dark, they can be a little on the short side, especially when i’m not wearing my trusty mascara!
The girls at Mint recommended I went for the Nouveau Lashes Extend, which add length without being too clumpy. This sounded perfect as I wanted them to look natural but a little glam at the same time lol! Something to bring me from day to night without having to use mascara.

When I arrived at mint on Friday, I got to have a little catch up with Mints Manager Sarah.
This lady is like superwoman when it comes to her job, she’s an absolute star and so so lovely. 💗We both got so excited talking about all the lovely treatments I have ahead of me… coming into the holiday season, there will be lots of nights out and plenty of glam to come!! I can't wait!! Make sure to keep an eye out for what i’ll be getting up to. 💄💅🎊

When I was finished chatting with Sarah, I was greeted by the lovely Nadine who is a Nouveau Lash Extensions Expert and she brought me downstairs to my treatment room. Nadine is an absolute little gem! S💎 he explained everything to me about the lashes that she would be applying and chose the ones that would suit me best. As I had just had my own lashes tinted by Iza a few days beforehand, I was all set to go.

Nadine began by cleansing my eyes and lashes and then started the process of carefully applying each individual lash. All in all it takes maybe an hour, to an hour and a half to apply a full set because it is literally done “lash by lash” and not in clumps. This is what makes them look so good and so natural! Nadine is really fantastic at what she does and is a real perfectionist 👌 You wouldn't even know she was working away above you. It’s almost so relaxing that you could even fall asleep during the treatment but I was too busy chatting away as usual lol. 🙊
As it was my first time getting this done, I explained to her that I was a little nervous of them looking too bulky or over the top looking as I had this issue with some shop bought strip lashes that i’ve used before. They were often heavy and even uncomfortable to wear. But I knew I was in good hands 😊 When Nadine was done and happy with how they looked, I opened my eyes and expected them to feel heavy but i swear, they felt just like my normal lashes… light as a feather! Then when I looked in the mirror I just couldn't get over the difference! They were still subtle but beautiful and long and dark…exactly what I wanted and I just LOVE them!!!!!! I couldn't stop looking at them!!!

When I finally dragged myself away from the mirror, Nadine explained to me about my lash aftercare. She gave me the Nouveau Lashes Coating Sealant which I apply in the morning and before bed to keep them in good condition and I'm also using the Nouveau Lashes eye make-up remover which is an oil free cleanser and helps extend the life of your lashes also. These lashes can be worn during sleep, showering and swimming as long as you keep up a good aftercare regime. 

I'm so delighted with these lashes. They are absolutely beautiful!
I’ll make another appointment with Nadine for 2-3 weeks for in-fills if I need them and as it's coming close to the holiday season, I may just get more added to go a little more glam for my Christmas nights out…

I’m happy to say that I am now officially part of the Nouveau Lashes #lashgang and my lovely therapist Nadine is a #lashlegend lol!!
Go on… give Mint a call and treat yourself!!
Bye for now, 
Julie xxx