What is Bio-Penta?  

The Bio-Penta is a highly advanced machine featuring the latest technology from Bio-Therapeutic for the ultimate skin results. Using the Bio-Penta in conjunction with Dermalogica products, our therapists can perform layered skincare and facial treatments to address even the most challenging skin conditions.

Bio-Penta Features

  • Advanced skin analysis

  • Microsonic deep facial cleansing

  • Microdermabrasion and Hydrodermabrasion controlled exfoliation

  • Ultrasonic and Microcurrent application to penetrate products deeper into skin

  • LED Light Therapy to increase collagen production and boost skin repair

Bio-Penta Treatments

We incorporate the Dermalogica products most suitable for your skin into all Bio-Penta facials


(75 minutes, €120)

Following your skin analysis, your therapist will prescribe the best treatment from the list below:


Designed to correct and minimise multiple signs of ageing with powerful skin technology. Say goodbye to photo damage, rough texture and fine lines with hydrodermabrasion, retinol and red LED


Stop blemishes and breakouts with this clarifying, purifying and oil regulating treatment. Safe and effective bt-micro extractions, smoothing hydrodermabrasion, salicylic acid, azeliac acid and blue LED help to control early breakout formation to give you clean, clear skin


Clear away dehydrated, dead, dull skin with hydrodermabrasion. Boost your skin’s moisture levels with the microcrurrent advanced application of a hyaluronic acid hydration mask and age fighting red LED


Acne scarring, hormonal fluctuations, genes, UV lights and pollution can affect skin tone. Tackle hyper-pigmentation with multi-level hydrodermabrasion, peptide and Vitamin C infusions and LED


A powerful solution for dull, congested, combination skin featuring hydrodermabrasion, extractions, niacinamide and red + blue LED.


Support sensitive skin and reinforce the skin’s natural barrier function with repairing ingredients such as oat, evening primrose, sunflower seed and avocado. A powerful solution for dull, congested, combination skin featuring hydrodermabrasion, extractions and red + blue LED.


(90 minutes, €140)

This exclusive celebrity favourite ensures your skin is wedding, special occasion or red carpet ready. It’s quite literally like a line-smoothing, skin-firming filter for your face. Fully tailored to your skin’s needs, this treatment features microsonic cleansing, hydrodermabrasion exfoliation and ultrasonic Dermalogica product penetration. It also incorporates a muscle toning massage to improve facial architecture by energizing, lifting and firming the skin


(Add-on to any of the above Facials. 20 minutes, €30)


Gently polish away dead skin from the delicate area around the eye, then calm, firm and hydrate using microcurrent infusion of peptides, collagen and hyaluronic acid


This restorative, firming, hydrating treatment uses red LED plus a hydrating mask packed with age fighting anti-oxidants and peptides