Hot Pink Gelish & a visit to her 'Brow Genius' - Julie's Diary - Week 22

Hey all!!! 👋👋👋

It's week 22!! ....( I know...😱 Where is the time going at all!!??) 😊

It's just a quick stop this week for nails and brows with the lovely Marie, who is Mints head therapist and all round gorgeous, super sweet, super gas lady! 😘😄❤

I just LOVE my treatments with Maire! I'm always guaranteed to walk out with a smile and its all down to her professionalism, dedication to perfection and lovely personality 😊

We started off with gelish removal. Then, nail prep, cuticle work, filing and buffing.

Because it was such a dreary rainy day outside, we needed some cheering up, so we thought it would be a nice idea to go for a bright colour to brighten the day...... Until the lovely sunshine decides to come back! 🌞🌞 (fingers crossed lol)

The Gelish colour that I chose was a SUPER bright and girly pink called "Tokyo A Go Go" and I absolutely LOVE it!!!! 😍😍💅💅

Next on the agenda were brows!!!

Of course I'm in great hands with my #browgenius 😁

Marie applied a nice warm brown coloured tint to suit my complexion. Once that was removed, it was onto shaping.

Marie used the threading technique which is my favourite!!
There are such great benefits to threading...
It causes less pull than waxing ✅
It removes hairs at follicle level ✅
It removes multiple hairs at a time ✅
It allows more precision in shaping ✅
It's great for people with sensitive skin ✅
It can be used for hair removal on the brows, sides of face, chin, lip etc ✅

When Marie was finished with shaping, she lightly shaded my brows to add even more definition and that was it.... I was done and I was back to having #browsonfleek yaaaaaaaaas!!!! 🙌🙌🙌😄😄😄

Before I left, I had a little catch up with Mints Manager Sarah (aka superwoman gorgeous girl boss 👊) lol 😊😊

Sarah gave me some top secret insider scoop on the most freaking exciting news!!!! 😱😱😁😁🙌🙌

#newtreatmentalert 🚨🚨🚨

And boy oh boy is it gonna be a good one!!
Eeek!!! 🙊🙊 I'm so excited!!!!!!! 🙈🙈
I even got a sneak peak 😁  sssshhh!

Keep those eyes peeled 👀
And stay tuned to Mints social media in the coming week to find out more....
Trust me, you won't be disappointed 😉

That's all for this time,
Short but sweet 😄 lol 😘

Bye for now 👋👋👋
Julie ❤❤❤