Decleor Ultimate Vitamin Glow Facial - Julie's Diary

julie week 34.jpg

Hi all!!!! 👋👋👋

It's week 34 as face of mint 💚
And this week, it's PAMPER TIME!!!! 🎉⏰🙌💆

Me and my lovely mammy were up in Kilkenny for some serious girls day pampering and retail therapy of course 😉

And what's super exciting is that Mint has just launched a gorgeous new brand in the form of DECLEOR!! 💛

Decleor is a long established, famous French brand of skincare which offers treatments that are renowned for the use of the best of natural ingredients and wonderful essential oils, making their facials a beautifully scented, unforgettable experience of pure indulgence and relaxation.....

Decleor is used in some of the most high-end salons and spas in Paris 🗼
Sounds pretty un-freakin real eh?? 😍😍

While my lovely mammy was whisked away for her own bit of pampering with Mints therapist Lesley.....

....For my treatment I was going to be one of the first lucky people at Mint to try out Decleors, Multi-Vitamin Power Glow Facial.

This Signature Spa facial literally mmmmmelts away stress..... ( Aaaaaah yes 😊😊)

It's packed with tonnes of vitamins and anti-oxidants and it combines a rebalancing Essential Oil elixir and a warm, decongesting mask that leaves your skin purified, perfectly replenished and glowing ✨✨

This sounds like a real treat.....!!
I really couldn't wait to get down to my treatment room and get snuggled up on a nice cosy bed ❤

My therapist for this treatment was Nadine. I knew I would be in good hands as Nadine is so so sweet and an amazing therapist and an absolute perfectionist in everything she does 💎

The great thing with every Decleor facial is that is starts with the nicest back, neck and shoulder massage.... And as you can imagine, this really helps you to completey relax before your actual facial even starts 👌.....Uuugh, it was soooooo lovely!! ❤😴

After I was all relaxed, Nadine began the facial treatment.... 😊
What I loved about this facial was the beautiful scents that came from the essential oils in the products...
You could really tell that the ingredients were really rich and nourishing as they went on your skin 👍

There was one amazing product after another being used and the facial felt like it went on and on.... It was just absolute BLISS!!! 😍😍😍

I was so relaxed that I nodded off  for a few minutes.... Ok maybe more than a few.... lol 🙈😄

When the facial was over.... I can only describe my skin best as GLOWING 😍

It literally felt so soft and dewy and SMOOOOOOTH .....I honestly couldn't get over the smoothness!!! 😲
The texture of my skin was just gorgeous ❤

I was so happy with it and I will most definitely be booking in for another one soon and I'll telling all my friends about it!!

My mam was back from her treatment just after me, looking like she was floating on air lol.... and said that "it was the nicest facial she ever had and was the nicest salon she was ever in and couldn't stop raving about her lovely therapist Lesley lol 😊❤"

I think it's safe to say they she will be back!! 😄

If any of you guys are interested in learning more about the Decleor range, feel free to give Sarah and the girls at mint a call. If you are looking for a bit of well deserved pampering and relaxation, then this is the facial for you! 👍 #treatyoself

It's the perfect gift even for Christmas 🎅🎁🎄

That's all for this week guys!

Hope you enjoyed my little insight into Mint Kilkennys new brand launch 😊 xxx

Bye for now 👋👋👋
Julie ❤❤❤